Better By Design


An individual is shaped in myriad ways by his surroundings, and the bathroom is a crucial part of it. Better living means better surroundings and Schwapp takes this very seriously. Which is why, the Schwapp team takes into account the three most important qualities that a pleasing, sensible bath space needs to have: design, technology and energy efficiency.

The Schwapp’s exquisite range of bathroom fixtures will make you want to take your time and soak in every moment, every thought while you enjoy your water experience.


The fixtures have also been designed to suit every mood, because we appreciate the fact that you are an individual first.

If you like the minimalism of the new millennium, you will see the cleanest lines in a Schwapp fixture that respects how you look at your space and your desire to maximize it.

If you dig the 70s, the flawless curves of some of our series will have you loving the plush sensuality of the construction. And for those who believe the best is a good mix of both these eras, well, you won’t be disappointed either.

We have also put in the same thoughtfulness in our universal fittings because such products usually see the most intensive use.

Quality and the pleasure of use are very important in heavy duty faucets, without you having to notice knob movements.

German DNA

Schwapp has been crafted by a cohesive team of technicians and aestheticians. The heart of the idea behind Schwapp is to put you in a space that not only whets your appetite for beauty, but also for seamless functionality. Schwapp’s German DNA ensures that the experience that you have in your bath space is world class.

After a bathroom fixture leaves the drawing board, artisans fashion the design into a product where the original idea lives as freely as possible.

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